Her Mask

For all those dark little secrets we hide behind...

His Love Isn’t Enough

There’s this guy and his name is Mike. He claims to really love me. Like to be in love with me. But you know… I don’t love him that way. I mean, I love and care about him. But I’m not in love with him.

There was a time though, before now, where I might have fallen in love with him. Where he may have really taken over my heart. But… Now… It’s not like that. He’s a great guy and super sweet, don’t get me wrong, but… It’s too late.

When he chose her over me, that was it. I moved on and his chance was gone. I tried to give him another chance but I just can’t. I don’t feel that way about him. He’s still important to me but we can never return to how it used to be. We can’t go back.

He destroyed it when he chose her over me. When he left me for her. He made his choice then. I moved on cause I decided he wasn’t worth waiting for.

Now I have someone knew, who I really like. Who is everything I want and deserve. Who means so much to me.

I moved on and found someone better. Someone who deserves me and appreciates me in the way Mike never did.

I still care about and love Mike… But it wasn’t enough then and his love isn’t enough now. I found someone else. I found someone who feels the same way about me as I do about him. It’s an amazing feeling really. And I don’t want to give that up for someone who could so easily walk away from me before…