Her Mask

For all those dark little secrets we hide behind...

Overwhelming Emotions

So… I’m extremely depressed and suicidal at the moment. I just… I’m overwhelmed.

I have serious court issues through the roof.
My fiancé/boyfriend and I are fighting again because he won’t stand by my side or stick up for me when it comes to his mum.
His mum is trying to evict me and only me.
My mum is homeless (thanks to his mum) so I have no where to go.
And my fiancé defends what his mum did saying it’s not her fault that my mum is homeless and it really is.
My fiancé and I can’t afford rent elsewhere so he wants to get a second job and he barely sleeps now! How can he manage a second job?
I feel like shit because I can’t work and I don’t have disability yet so I feel like I can’t help at all.
I can’t go to my doctors appointments.
I feel like my fiancé and I are just falling apart and like he doesn’t ever want to communicate and when we do communicate, I feel like what’s the point? He never changes.

And this is just a small amount of what I’m dealing with. I just wanna be done. All I ever wanna do is cry. I have no one to talk to or help me.