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What happened to doctor/patient confidentiality?

So a little while back, I was “dating” this guy (another story). His name was Paul, but everyone just called him Mike. Had to do with his middle name or something. I dunno.

Anyway, he gave me and my mum a ride to my doctors appointment this one time. It was to get some paperwork filled out and stuff like that. So we get to the doctors office and he stays there with us, no surprise.

When I finally get called back though, he follows along with mum and I. It was really weird cause I hadn’t invited him or anything. I didn’t question it though. I figured when the doctor came in she or my mum would have him leave, no questions asked.

When in the room waiting for the doctor though, he’s wanting to be all cuddly and annoying. Finally the doctor comes in and it’s the moment I was waiting for. But the doctor just asked who he was and he said that he was my boyfriend. She’s like “oh okay” and before I could even get a word in edge wise about him leaving, her and my mum begin the discussion.

Just going over all my medical issues and what not and honestly, i felt so violated. I mean, whose place was it to let him hear all that? What happened to doctor patient confidentiality? Only I had the right to tell him my medical history, when I wanted and if I even wanted to at all!

But it was like no one considered my feelings on it. Why hasn’t anyone told him to leave or given me the chance to? Or even asked if I wanted him there?

I have some really personal things in my medical history that I don’t want everyone to know. Especially not a guy or a boyfriend. I’ll tell him when I’m ready. Not when someone else decides. After that, I felt so uncomfortable around him. Not that I wasn’t already uncomfortable around him anyway but it was so much worse now.

And at the end, the doctor wanted to draw blood and do a pregnancy test. Like wtf? I knew 100%┬áthat I wasn’t and couldn’t be pregnant. I was just so insulted that she even suggested that I might be! It was so upsetting!

I didn’t even want to do the blood work either. I just wanted to get out of there and leave as soon as possible. So when I said no, the doctor as usual tried to insist and I refused. Paul decided to speak up and intrude on how I should and it was best for me and blah, blah, blah. He barely knew me! He had just taken it upon himself to intrude on my personal doctors appointment and then he ways trying to tell me what to do?! Like he was my father!

I ended up yelling at him and using a few choice curse words before storming out. I was about ready to start crying. I felt violated and terrible. It was just an awful experience. I haven’t seen him since.